Functional Microspheres Manufactuered by XL Sci-Tech Inc.
Spherically shaped microproducts at XL Sci-Tech are classified into three broad groups:  (1) Precision Glass
Microspheres of a wide range of density, color and material compsotion; (2) Functional Microspheres of custom
formulation for bioactivity of bioactive glass microspheres/granules/powders/frit, optical emission of optical glass
microspheres/microlenses, neutron sensitivity and other unique properties; (3) Radioactive Microspheres for
traceability, diagnostics and radiotherapies such as radioembolization.
Precision Microspheres (iSpheres(TM)) Manufactuered by XL Sci-Tech Inc.
Radioactive Microspheres (BetaSpheres(R)) Manufactuered by XL Sci-Tech Inc.
XL Sci-Tech employs the state-of-the-art modular micro-fabrication technologies it has developed and improved
over the past 10+ years for microspheres production. The majority of the microspheres are produced on-demand
with production rates over hundreds of pounds per day.  XL Sci-Tech’s on-demand production demands the
greatest level of innovation and automation and gives superb control of product properties and consistency.
XL Sci-Tech emphasizes material through chemistry at the nano-structural scale to achieve both chemical or
biological functionalities and other complementary physical properties.  This enables XL Sci-Tech to provide the
greatest value to its customers for their new product development and product improvement as well as a
dependable microspheres supply for their existing products.
There are many aspects common to all microspheres: Sphericity and Size Distribution are inherent specifications
of all microspheres produced at XL Sci-Tech.  The strictest quality control is in-line size and sphericity sampling
measurements of microspheres as they are produced.  Size distribution is usually evaluated every 50 lb to ensure
the highest quality and timely production feedback for large volume microspheres.
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