About Our Business

XL Sci-Tech, Inc. is a specialty materials research and
development company capable of manufacturing precision and
multi-function microspheres and nanospheres in large quantities.
About Us
PNNL Technical Assistance, Economic Development
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Production Image of Precision Microspheres for Statistical Control
Fully-licensed Radioactive Materials Processing Facility for Materials Development,Characterization andFull-Scale Production
Fully-licensed Radioactive Materials Processing Facility for Materials Development,Characterization andFull-Scale Production
Victor Peng, 2009 Summer Intern, Science Fair Awards
XL Sci-Tech was founded in 1995 by a core team of scientists
through an Entrepreneur Leave of Absence program from U.S.
Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PNNL).  Over the past 18+ years, it has developed and
continuously expanded its capability in micro-/nano- manufacturing
through various grants from the federal government, R&D
contracts from commercial entities, and from collaborations with
academic institutions.  XL Sci-Tech has been working closely with
many of the world class scientists from PNNL and academic
institutions around the world, and it continues to benefit from the
small business assistance programs offered by
US DOE through
PNNL and other national technology commercialization programs
local/regional economical development programs.  XL
Sci-Tech has been a top employer of Washington State
Work-Study students, providing coaching and an educational
environment.  In addition, it has sponsored many followships
through Washington State University, Associated Western
University Inc., provided summer research internship opportunities
for young scholars and supported many science fair projects in
physics, chemistry and biology.
XL Sci-Tech excels in providing materials solutions to client
defined problems as well as to materials challenges that have
tremendous societal impact.  XL Sci-Tech is noted for its cutting
edge development in immobilizing radionuclides for therapy and
diagnostics, encapsulating therapeutics, biologics, or traceable
markers into micro- and nano-dimensioned carriers such as
microspheres, microfibers or nanospheres.  We have a special
radiation license for our Radioactive Materials Processing Facility
under the direction of our internationally respected health physicist.
Products in development and
in-vitro and in-vivo evaluations
include radioactive microspheres/nanospheres and radiological
devices for various soft tissue tumors and targeted cancer
DOE Assistance to XL Sci-Tech